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ELH : Today, Tomorrow, Together

We can offer a unique service to benefit you and your company’s investments. Whether you are a bank, loan company, owner, investor, or a company with numerous aircraft, we can assist you with all of your aircraft maintenance needs. We offer a service that oversees aircraft maintenance and ensures that your investment is taken care of in a professional manner


We can provide a yearly maintenance program or a single visit program. This would allow you to focus your energy on your company and its prosperity while we manage aircraft maintenance at an outsourced location. We have deep understanding in the management of repair facilities. We will facilitate the aircraft through full checks and balances maintaining all necessary precautions and system checks. For difficult parts, we assist you in the tracking and purchase process.


Parts inventory, scheduled ongoing maintenance and inspection procedures, necessary documentation and all the rest maintenance operation including monitoring of on-time performance and budgetary concerns will be managed by professionals passionated about quality and customer satisfaction.


With our experience, you can feel confident your aircraft will be maintained by professionals. We look forward to being part of your team!

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Our services

Representative and supervising of projects

  • Aircraft line maintenance

  • Aircraft base maintenance

  • Aircraft modifications implementations

  • Aircraft delivery / redelivery

  • Aircraft short and long-term custody

Aircraft spare parts

  • Research

  • Supply

  • Support

  • Stock optimization


  • Review

  • Evaluation

  • Negotiation

Aircraft maintenance programs and contracts

  • Review

  • Evaluation

  • Negotiation


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